Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Travel by feet not by sight
Don't be lazy just because you're cool
Search your goal to a successful life.

My Cinquain

Writes books a lot
As the day goes on, then
She takes pictures of this world, last
And shares

My Senryu

A person who's calm
Gets smart of effort everyday
To be good fighter

People listen well on timeUnderstands the person who talksTo win their match
Knows right from wrong
To fix other people's mistakes
And people will understand

Who writes
Everyday and everywhere, now
That writes many of poems.

Who thinks he's cool
To get many of friends everywhere
Because he is smart. (In his dreams, just kidding)

Who hands out people
That she sometimes get so bored
So, she talks to people.

Who knows many math
Who teaches us to use it, good
That helps us use it

Guides me the path,
Of righteousness, to let the people 
Know their success that they want

That are right power
To fight your enemies that block paths
To have your right life

That might lead to your questions
That you might want to seek your answers
To know what you need to do
Write what you see
For keeping  the record of life
And share to the whole world what it was like
Salt and the light
We are the salt of outside form
And the saltiness is our inside form
While we are the light that shines ourself

The World

A world is big enough for many people for one home to make.

You only have one chance in this world so don't make to many mistakes.

Find the right path to this world that will guide you to success.

Becarefull to this world that has full of evilness.

Do not love this world for your own sake.